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The Wilkes-Barre Area School District, in an effort to provide continuing communication between teachers, parents and students, has introduced a new proactive approach to optimizing student achievement for each and every student.

Studies have validated the fact that active parental interest and participation in a child's education is the single most important determinant of a student's achievement. It is this active interest and involvement of parents and guardians with a child's schoolwork and activities on a daily basis that will ultimately underwrite student progress. 

The district's student management system provides parents with real-time visibility into the key determinants of a student's success. Parents no longer have to wait for progress reports and other paper updates to receive their child’s most current information. When teachers and administrators update grades, attendance, and other important data, that information is immediately available to parents in real-time 

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Your Child and Your School Need You

Children need both good teachers and strong family support to do as well as they can at school. National research consistently shows that when parents and schools work together as partners, students succeed. This holds true for families of all ethnicities, income levels, and education backgrounds, whether in rural or urban schools.

Family Involvement in Education

Family involvement means the active participation by families and legal guardians in their children’s school lives. Family involvement must be done in partnership with teachers and other school staff. Every parent or family member has different skills, experiences and life circumstances, so we all have different ways to participate, support and enrich education for our children.

The most basic kind of family involvement is to make sure that each student attends school every day after getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast and dressing appropriately. For parents who have the time and energy, volunteering at school or working with a parent group is a valuable contribution.

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